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Company: Apex Staffing Mthatha
Telephone: 0475323838/0727234602
Fax: 0866568498
Comments: For all your human resources needs Call or visit our visit our offices

Contact: Babalwa  Jozana
Telephone: 0710491922
Email: :
Comments: FOR ALL YOUR HOME IMPROVEMENTS AND NEW HOMES!! We are an design company offering the following services - upmarket kitchen and bathroom designs - Stylish built in bedroom wardrode designs -Stunning ceiling designs for kitchens, lounge, bedroom and dining room -Landscape and garden designs. -Architecturally designed house plans.

Company: Ballenden & Robb Electrical Consulting Engineers
Telephone: (047) 5311772
Fax: (047) 5311772

Company: CGM Tax and accounting consultnts
Contact: liberty  chidziwa
Telephone: 0730906169
Fax: n/a
Comments: CGM is a tax consultants and accounting practise with an accounting officer, registered accounting officers

Contact: Celeste   Sharpley
Telephone: 0842614951
Fax: 0475311999
Comments: Providing professional LABOUR services to promote better working relations.

Company: DCGsa(Debt Counselling Group South Africa)
Contact: Alisha  le grange
Telephone: 086100 1047
Comments: BE HAPPY, BE DEBT FREE!BE HAPPY, BE DEBT FREE! Reduce your monthly debt repayments, Benefit from reduced instalments and interest rates Regain control of your finances The aim of the Debt Counselling is to rearrange the consumer’s debts to meet their monthly living expenses, to pay each of their creditors as much as they can afford and to settle their debts in a timeous period. When DCGsa was signing their first clients the structure of Debt Review was not as fully formed as it is today but the need for the services was great and the amount of qualified Debt Counsellors were few. Consumers started to understand that the process of Debt Counselling was a better option than Administration or Sequestration. The Debt Intervention Bill is a hot topic at the moment and everyone wants to know more about it. We are empowered the National Credit Regulator to educate on this topic as well as all other debt relief matters. As you are probably aware, over-indebtedness can lead to theft, dishonesty and fraud in the workplace and depression and anxiety in peoples personal lives. 4 steps to becoming debt free: 1. Come in for your 100% Obligation free and confidential debt assessment, 2. Accept the new payment plan, 3. The debt counsellor negotiates reduced interest rates and repayment amounts, 4. Pay until your debt is settled and you get a clearance certificate.

Company: Desert Storm Advertising
Contact: Siseko  Tose
Telephone: 078 300 4727
Fax: 047 532 2153
Comments: Brand Architechture,Advertising,Promotions and Marketing

Company: Extreme Designs
Contact: Dave  Bourn
Telephone: 0711737505
Comments: Media and Advertising agency Extreme Designs Visual screens advert (mthatha area) @reasonable rates. Email setup form your business. Websites development and management Campaign management Radio and television adverts Data analytics Branding. Will make your business known, with more leads and exposure.

Company: GMX Development Consultants
Telephone: 0723134538
Comments: Business Solutions at your doorstep. IT Services, Tourism, Agribusiness Strategy & Studies, Aquaculture, Building and Road Construction, Business Plan drafting, Pricing and Estimation of construction material.

Company: Ikhala Architectural Consultants
Contact: Mkuseli  Madubela
Telephone: 0829298413/0475324379
Fax: 0866618413
Comments: Architectural Designed Houses,Exclusive Renovations,Office developments,Retail Developments,industrial developments & Construction Project management.

Company: Lungiswa & Associates
Contact: Lungiswa   Dinakwe
Telephone: 083 737 0337
Fax: 086 6630 659
Comments: For all your Book keeping needs, human resources consulting, preparing of business plans and project administration consult us.

Company: Mofomagu Consultants
Contact: Ntembi/Sellinah  Magula
Telephone: 0835349594/0844638780
Fax: 0865187764
Comments: For all your Human Resources Administration Consulting & Training. We are here serve you.

Telephone: 0733493429
Fax: 086 635 7799
Comments: OH SHE CONSULTANTS Safety Health & Environmental Consultants CONSULTING SERVICES: *Health & Safety Plans *Risk Assessments *Monthly SHE Audits *Health & Safety Specifications Development *Health & Safety File TRAINING: *Health & Safety Representative *SHE Principles *SHE Policy *HIRA *Scaffold Inspector *First Aid *HIV Training CONTACT CLAREECE SLATER FOR ALL YOUR HEALTH & SAFETY NEEDS: T: 073 349 3429 F: 086 635 7799

Company: PAAMCAS
Contact: Masithembe  Mbandezi
Telephone: 0653705081
Comments: Get professional bookkeeping services for for your small or medium size business from as little as R6500. Our rates are fixed!

Company: Sashee Consulting Pty Ltd
Contact: Sasha-Lee   Cardoso
Telephone: 840251390
Comments: Occupational Health and Safety Consulting Development of Health and Safety Files Health and Safety Plans and Policies Risk Assessments Fall Preventative Plans Monthly File Auditing Site Auditing SHEQ Management System

Company: Southern Solution Brokers cc
Contact: Stephen  Rusteberg
Telephone: 047 5323748
Fax: 086 568 0820
Comments: We specialise in all classes of short term insurance. Some of our underwriters include: Santam, Mutual & Federal, Zurich, AIG, Frontline, Auto & General and HIU to name a few.

Company: Thel'ulwazi Development and business Centre
Contact: Polelwa  Zantsi
Telephone: 079 301 9478
Fax: 086 668 9478
Comments: Social Consultants:Training and social Facilitation experts, specialising in-Health & Safety,HIV & Aids,Construction courses, Agricultural skills etc.We formulate Constitutions for CO-OPS, Introduction of Co-ops concept.

Company: Zanbest Communications
Contact: Asanda  Sibobi
Telephone: 0798464543
Fax: 0862184112
Comments: Corporate Communications (This includes all your business writing eg. newsletters, reports, press releases, articles etc) Reputation and Issue Management Public Speaking and Motivation Executive Training and Headhunting Business Marketing Corporate Events Because we do not believe that one size fits all, our services are tailor made to suit the specifications of each client.
Tel: 047 5314407, Fax 047 5310191