We expect pupils to behave in a reasonable, tolerant and sensible manner and to

obey all school rules.  Failing to do so will lead to punishment, while continued

misbehaviour can lead to suspension.


Pupils who continuously need to be disciplined are issued with a YELLOW CARD            which

has to be signed daily by each teacher and by the parent.  A letter is sent to the parents

to explain the procedure when the card is issued.

Please study the table of offences carefully so that you are aware of the behaviour

your child could be punished for.

GRADE 6 - 7

The DRS System

The Grade 6 & 7 Department at TPS has developed an unique multi-faceted disciplinary

system  - The Disciplinary Record System (DRS)

This system allows our Department to keep a record of all the disciplinary problems

experienced in the various classes.  Therefore a diagnostic study can be made of the

problems and relevant actions can be taken.

The basic principles behind the system:

1.                   Each pupil receives a clear DRS sheet each term.

2.                   All the various possible offences are listed on this sheet – and each offence

       receives a number of chances  (from one chance to three chances) according

3.                   to the severity of the offence.

4.                   A teacher will sign against and thus deduct a chance after a transgression

       has taken place.

5.                   After all the allocated chances for any transgression are lost, a YELLOW CARD

is issued – and the original number of chances are made available again.

The reason behind the issuing is stated on the card.

6.                   This card will be signed by each teacher after each period.  The teacher will

indicate on the card if there was a problem, and what the problem entailed.

The parents need to sign the card every afternoon to indicate that they are

aware of their child’s progress.

7.                   After all the second time chances are lost, a PINK CARD is issued.  The

same procedure as with the yellow card is followed.

8.                   After all the third time chances are lost, a BLUE CARD is issued. 

9.                   A RED CARD is issued WITHOUT WARNING to pupils with disruptive, negative

and abusive attitudes towards the teachers.  The decision to issue this card is

taken within a departmental meeting.

10.                The DRS cards must not be seen as a punishment, but rather a way in which

a close check can be kept on a child’s progress and problems.

11.                A card will be retracted as soon as it becomes evident that the pupil has

corrected the problem and is motivated to change.