General Extras



Pupils in the lower grades normally go on morning outings during school hours.   Pupils in the

higher grades attend longer excursions, ranging from 3 days to 7 days.  Information will be

forwarded to the parents in advance. Please note that all parents have to complete an

Indemnity Form to give permission for their child/ren to attend these outings.



We celebrate the birthday of our school during August.  On the Friday we have a special assembly,

called the Ceremony of the Scroll.  All parents are invited to celebrate this day with us.  On

the Friday afternoon we play a variety of sports.



 The highlight every year is our Prize-Giving, which takes place on the first Thursday in November.

Pupils receive academic, cultural and sport awards from an invited guest, normally a well-known




Prefects are elected by the Grade 6 and 7 pupils and in conjuction with the staff.  The number

of prefects vary from year to year.  As pupils develop leadership qualities, they may be inducted

during the course of the year.  The prefects normally attend two leadership courses presented

by the Grade 6 and 7 teachers.  The duties and responsibilities of the prefects include

controlling pupils’ behaviour in the passages, on the verandahs, the playgrounds, assembly,

in toilets and assisting pupils in need of a helping hand whenever they can.



 School fees are reviewed annually.  When pupils are enrolled the parents receive a form with

information regarding payment of school fees.  The greater part of the school’s income is

derived from school fees.  This fund is essential for the purchasing of sport equipment, teaching

aids, the maintenance of the school’s transport, paying of salaries, cleaning

materials etc., which are not provided by the Department.



 Parents must fetch their children’s reports personally from the class teachers on report

evenings.  Only parents whose school fees are paid in full for that term may receive the reports. 



 Our school has a tuck shop where pies, chips, sweets and cold-drinks are sold.  This shop

is open during first break from Mondays to Fridays.



 Movies are shown on a big screen in our school hall on certain Friday afternoons.  Teachers

take turns to supervise pupils.