Homework Policy


a.             Every pupil must have a homework book.

b.             The amount of homework may vary from child to child, taking the following

 into account.

                1.   Grade

2.   Pace of writing

                3.   Amount of corrections  (If expected to do so)

                4.   Time utilisation in class

                5.   Concentration 

c.             Self discipline and responsibility.  Sometimes teachers give homework up to

a week in advance.  It is the child’s responsibility to complete such homework

to avoid accumulation of homework for specific days.

 d.             Pupils don’t normally get homework over weekends, unless it was work given

during the previous week which could have been completed before the weekend.

 Please take note that the last period on Mondays to Thursdays are allocated for homework.

Homework not completed during this time must be completed at home.



 At the beginning of each term pupils will receive a “Friday Test” time table.  Every Friday a

different subject is written.  Parents will receive the test papers, answer sheets and

memorandums.  Answer sheets must be signed by parents, even if they are not

satisfied with their children’s results.  Formal examinations for grade 7’s are written in

the Second and Fourth terms, and a mini exam is written in the Third term.  In the case

of absence during the examination, the parents must provide a doctor’s certificate.