TPS hostel, the school’s hostel, accommodates both boys and girls from grade 1 to 7.  Further
 information is available from the superintendent, Mr Schenk.



1.             In August, annually, limited vacancies at the school for the following year are advertised

in the Daily Dispatch.  Forms are available at the school and an administration fee of

R50.00 per application is charged when forms are brought back.


2.             Completed forms have to be returned to the school before the deadline date, with

 the necessary documents and photographs of the applicant.


3.             Standard Placement Assessment Tests/Interviews (SPAT) evaluating the pupils’

proficiency in English are organised during August.  Lists of candidates and the times

and venues for the tests/interviews are drawn up and made available at the school for

parents to scrutinise.  It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that the child/children

are at the venue on the appointed day at the correct time for the test / interview.


4.             There are limited vacancies available annually as there is a ceiling prescribing

the maximum enrolment at the school.  To be fair to everyone, all applicants

are given the opportunity to apply for enrolment.  Regrettably, due to the

vast numbers of applicants, enrolment cannot be based on a “first come, first served”



5.             It has to be understood that the applicants most proficient in English will be

offered the limited vacancies.


6.             The pupils who are not immediately enrolled for the  following year are placed on a

 waiting list and may be contacted should any further vacancies arise.


7.             The waiting lists apply only to the year for which application is made and are NOT

carried forward to the next year.   Parents wishing to apply for the following year

 will have to go through the same procedure each time.




8.             The school staff would like to point out that it is as difficult and frustrating for the staff

as it is for the parents when pupils are not admitted and we fully understand the

parents’ dilemma.  We therefore do our best to be fair to everyone and hope that an

atmosphere of mutual understanding and respect will prevail when dealing with